????? ?陜西師范大學出版總社是集圖書、期刊、電子音像于一體的綜合出版傳媒機構,在人文學術、大眾文化、基礎教育、高等教育等出版領域形成了鮮明的特色,具有較高的市場影響。2011年,陜西師范大學出版總社名列全國大學出版社能力排行榜第11位,名列社科類出版能力排行榜第12位。
???? ?Shaanxi Normal University General Publishing House is a comprehensive publishing media institute integrating businesses of books, magazines, and electronic audio and video products. It has formed characteristic features in fields of humanities, public culture, fundamental education, and higher education. It has comparatively serious impact in the market. Shaanxi Normal University General Publishing House ranked 11th on the billboard of national university publishing house capacity, and ranked 12th on billboard of social science publishing capacity in 2011.


?????? 陜西師范大學出版社成立于1985年,始終以“建百年名社,立文化大業”為目標,先后有《古新星新表與科學史探索》《唐代美學史》《河山集》《陜西通史》《中國學術思想編年》等300余種學術著作和教材獲得國家或省部級大獎;《杜拉拉2:華年似水》《浮沉2》《鐵梨花》《金陵十三釵》入選國家新聞出版總署組織評選的“大眾喜愛的50種圖書”;《神話學文庫》《中國民間彩繪泥塑集成》《紅色延安口述歷史叢書》入選國家“十二五”出版規劃并獲得國家出版基金資助;2010電子書包、2011校園觸摸機獲得國家文化產業專項資金。

????? Shaanxi Normal University General Publishing House was founded in 1985. It has always taken "constructing famous publishing house for centuries, and creating cultural career" as its goal. Over 300 compositions and teaching materials have been awarded with the national or provincial honors, including A New Catalogue of Ancient Novae and Explorations in the History of Science, Tang Dynasty Aesthetics History, Mountains and Rivers Collection, A General History of Shaanxi Province, The Annalistic History of Chinese Academic Thoughts, A story of Lala's promotion 2, Ups and Downs 2,A legendary woman and Flowers of War are? honored as the "fifty popular books" by the General Administration of Press and Publication in 2010. Library of Myths, Chinese Folk Colored Drawing and Clay Sculpture Collection, and Dictated Red Yan'an History Series Books are involved in the nation's "12th Five-year Plan" period publishing plan and imbursed by the national publishing fund; 2010 Electronic Schoolbag and 2011 Campus Touch Machine were awarded with the national cultural industry special capital.



???? The journal series of Teaching Reference of Middle School, which has an over 40 years of publishing history integrates frontier subject expert team and high end platform resources. It is the media flagship leading domestic fundamental education reform, innovation, and research. 6 types of journals among 8 total types become the core national Chinese journals. Two editors were awarded the first prize of 2011 3rd Taofen Cup National Publishing House Young Editor and Proofreader Competition. Shaanxi Normal University General Publishing House pays great attention to the trade of copyright. During recent years, over 150 types of copyrights have been introduced in, and over 130 types of copyrights have been output. Both its output and introducing-in amount of copyrights rank top in Shaanxi Province.


????? 在中國出版業大變革的時代背景下,陜西師范大學出版總社有限公司與時俱進,深化改革,整合出版資源,努力打造品牌優勢鮮明、機制活力旺盛、技術應用先進、人才群體突出的核心競爭力,逐步成為綜合實力強、社會形象好,西部一流、全國知名的綜合性出版傳媒企業。

??? Under the background of big reformation of Chinese publishing industry, Shaanxi Normal University General Publishing House develops with times, deepens the reform, integrates the publishing resources to create the national well known comprehensive publishing media enterprise which is of strong comprehensive strength, good social image, good reputation in western region based on the characteristics of brand, flexible mechanism, advanced technology, and outstanding talents.

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